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Manny Alonzo

Construction Manager

Manny Alonzo joined Knightvest Capital in 2012 as a Lead Maintenance. Through his exceptional management and operational skills he was promoted within the year as the Construction Supervisor overseeing the interior upgrades.  He was able to streamline the process and bring the costs down.  Manny implements and oversees all aspects of interior rehab operations and concurrently directing multiple projects to successful completion. His obligations includes team management for interior rehabs, directs and mentors the maintenance supervisors, producing high quality assets while adhering to a fast-paced schedule and budget. Mr. Alonzo brings 8 years of experience in maintenance and multifamily housing.   Prior to joining Knightvest, Manny obtained a degree in HVAC at ATI and was quickly promoted to a senior lead position within one year at Pace Realty.

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